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  • Bathroom Hardware Shower Enclosure Accessories - Shower Enclosure China
  • Support rod adjustable on both sides
  • Support rod adjustable on both sides

Bathroom hardware accessory shower glass door support bar SU9001WG-300

    • Model: SU9001WG-300
    • Shape: Rectangle
    • Diameter: 19mm(3/14")/22mm(6/7")/25mm(1")
    • Material: Brass/Stainless steel
    • Glass thickness: 6(1/4")-10(3/8")mm
    • Function: To secure fixed glass,adjustable angle at both ends.
    • Available finishes: Polishing/ Brushed
    • Packing: Independent standard carton.

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The shower enclosure, which boasts fashion simplicity and saves local places, has gone through more than ten years of experience in China, including appearance innovation, material innovation, brand innovation and so on. Now, the shower enclosure china has gradually entered the mature period, the product function and performance demand has gradually highlighted, where will the shower enclosure china go in the future?
First of all, under the premise of giving full play to their own advantages and improving the problems in the process of use, high-end shower enclosure china began to enter the attention of consumers. Consumers on the high-end shower enclosure china demand and expectations are getting higher and higher. The tentacles of high-end shower enclosure china have extended to many consumers. Shower enclosure china market demand will gradually to the high-end assembly, and the growth rate will also develop smoothly.
Second of all, many shower enclosure enterprises pay close attention to the brand and differentiation development of shower enclosure china, this development trend will continue. In the highly homogeneous shower enclosure industry, service is undoubtedly a good entry point to distinguish the differences between enterprises. With the increasing demand for offline services on the Internet, more and more shower enclosure enterprises attach importance to the introduction of services and strive to use services to drive the sales of products. At that time, the "product-driven service" model will be obviously replaced by the "service-driven product" sales model. Shower enclosure enterprises, regardless of size, should devote themselves to high quality. On the basis of stabilizing engineering orders, they should contribute to the home decoration market and personalized order market. For many shower enclosure enterprises, the transformation of home decoration field may be an effective way for the in-depth development of the industry. But if some links cannot be controlled in place, production and construction arrangements can not be controlled efficiently, it will destroy the reputation and destroy the brand.
The last but not the least, with the growing maturity of consumers, traditional promotion methods have been difficult to ignite consumers' buying enthusiasm. The impact of the Internet on the shower enclosure industry is undoubtedly huge. Although the current shower enclosure china e-commerce model still has a lot of imperfections, in recent years, many enterprises are involved in the field of e-commerce. In addition to the typical network marketing, business sales channels are also gradually diversified. The shower enclosure industry, which takes sales and service as the value demand, will examine its e-commerce development strategy more deeply. While e-commerce consumption returns to rationality, more enterprises will choose to use the Internet to channel offline passenger flow and give full play to the propaganda role of the Internet to the greatest extent. At the same time, the urgent demand of consumers for product experience also makes the enterprises begin to improve the offline layout to better meet the challenges of the future.


Product dimension and glass opening hole



Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month




  • Package
  • 1. Export standard carton
  • 2. Inner packing: Foam.
  • 3. Outer packing: carton box.
  • Shipping
  • 1.for sample 7days after receiving sample charge
  • 2.for order 20-35 days after receiving 30% deposit
  • 3.goods will be tested strictly before shipment