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Spring shower hinges

What is spring hinge? Spring hinge is one of the most commonly used stainless steel glass door hinges. It is widely used in office doors, bathroom doors, hotels and other construction projects. What's the use of spring hinges? It makes use of the elasticity of the spring, which can automatically close the door within 30 degrees and open the direction inside and outside. In addition, it can also be designed as an adjustable hinge. By adjusting the tightening screw, the spring hinge can be adjusted up and down about 5 degrees to meet the needs of space. A range of glass to glass hinges,spring shower hinges are designed for glass shower door,Our glass shower door hinges are made of high quality materials, featuring stylish design.


Tips about the glass to glass hinges, for example, the installation of glass to glass hinges-Installation Method of Glass Door Hinge

1. Preparing tools. Special installation tools are prepared before installation, such as tape ruler/horizontal ruler for measurement, woodworking pencil for line drawing and positioning, woodworking opener/pistol drill for hole opening, screwdriver for fixing, etc.

2. Line drawing and positioning. Firstly, the measuring board or woodworking pencil is used to mark and locate the hole (the drilling edge is usually 5 mm), and then the pistol drill or woodworking opener is used to drill 35 mm reaming cup mounting hole on the door board. The drilling depth is generally 12 mm.

3. Fixed hinge cup (hinge product). Fix the hinge cup in the hole of the entry plate of the hinge sleeve and fix the hinge cup with self-tapping screw.

4. Fixed base. After the hinge is embedded in the cup hole of the door plate, the hinge is opened, then the hinge is inserted into and aligned with the side plate, and the base is fixed with a self-tapping screw.

5. Debugging effect. Finally, open and close the cabinet door to test the effect. The general hinge can be a six-way adjustment, up and down alignment, two doors around moderate, the most ideal effect of the cabinet door debugging, installation after closing the gap is generally 2 mm.

Installation of glass to glass hinges-Notices for Installation of Glass Door Hinges

1. Pay attention to the installation location and quantity. In theory, the bigger the distance between the two hinge pages, the stronger the bearing capacity. Of course, this also needs to consider the actual situation. The heavier the door is, the three hinge pages can be used, and the general door can use two hinge pages.

2. Prevent falling fan. Falling fan refers to the poor installation of doors and windows leading to the gradual increase of the upper clearance and the gradual decrease of the lower clearance, resulting in poor switching, and in serious cases will fall off. Usually, this may be due to the selection of too small specifications of the page, or the lack of matching screw.

3. Hold the gap distance. The gap between the hinge and the door plate must be well grasped, otherwise, the appearance will be ugly, the gap between the door plate is 3-5MM, and the expansion joint should be left.

4. Make sure the fittings match. Does the hinge slot match the height, width and thickness of the hinge? Whether the hinge matches the bolts and fasteners connected with it. The connection mode of hinges should match the material of frames and fans, such as the hinge used for steel frame wood doors, one side connected with steel frames is welded, and the other side connected with wooden doors and fans is fixed with wooden bolts.