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  • Shower Room Manufacturer | Shower Room China Accessories H6033
  • 180 degree glass to glass lifting shower hinges of 603 series
  • 180 degree glass to glass lifting shower hinges of 603 series
  • 180 degree glass to glass lifting shower hinges of 603 series

Glass to glass lift door hinge of bathroom shower rooms accessories H6033D

    • Model: H6033D
    • Edge or Shape: Rectangular
    • Function: Only open outside
                       Door can go up within 4 to 4.5mm
    • Material: Brass/Stainless steel
    • Glass thickness: 10(3/8")-12(1/2")mm
    • Weight capacity: 2 hinges for maximum loading of 35kgs
    • Installation: 180 degree glass-to-glass mount. On the same horizontal line on both sides, 180 degrees.


Certification:CE and European standard.
Sample:We can provide samples for free according to the situation.
Payment Terms:30% as deposit T/T in advance, 70% T/T before shipment or others.
Packing:Cartons or as per customer requirements.
Test:Pass 24-hour acidic solution test.

What if there is a leak in the shower room? As a professional shower room manufacturer in China, with decades of experience in this area, we would like to let you know as many methods as you do when there is a leak in the shower room. Today, let's talk about this from the perspective of a shower room manufacturer.
Nowadays, many families choose shower rooms. On the basis of dry and wet separation, the shower room can play a very good role. However, many customers may find that after a long time, the shower room began to leak, which is completely unable to achieve the effect of dry and wet separation. In most cases, the quality of the shower room is fine, and the leakage is mainly due to the fact that the connection between the water retaining bar and the drainpipe is not properly handled. Shower room as a customized product, even if it is sent to the customer's home, it is only semi-finished products, which means, you need professional training to carry out the correct installation. If the installer is not professional, there will be a series of negative effects and even glass self-explosion. Therefore, the installation plays an important role in the service life of the shower room.
If the shower room leaks water, first of all, you need to check where the leakage point is. If the white base leaks water, actually this is a little simpler, first is to clean the leaking part and dry it and try to keep it as dry as you can. Then go to buy some good transparent silica gel, and make a silicone gel on the inner side of the water barrier. But remember, don't use glass gel water because it's not very useful. If it is another case, such as the shower room leakage directly downstairs. This means that your waterproof is still not done, you need to find a professional to remove the bricks on the ground, then do waterproof, and then paste the bricks. So that there will be no leakage. If the leakage at the bottom edge of the shower room is serious, you can’t tell how many leakage points there are. It is best to let the shower room manufacturer remove it and then glue it again. Why? Because we are not very professional, the leakage of water cannot be cleaned up, so glue is difficult to stick. That's why some people make up for the leak again and again. At the same time, also pay attention to the shower room after the glue, if you use acid glue to deal with the leakage, it is best to stay for two or three days before use. If you use a neutral glue, it will take a week to be completely dry.
In addition, the waterproof tape is also very important. The main function of the glue strip is to prevent water from infiltrating into space outside the shower room when taking a bath and to keep the bathroom dry. It is an important accessory to realize the function of dry and wet partition in the shower room. If the tape installed in the shower room is in different locations, the role is also different. For example, when it is used in the combination of stone base and glass, the adhesive strip has excellent tensile and compressive properties, which can ensure the perfect combination of glass wall and stone base surface, so that it can be waterproof without glass glue.


Product dimension and glass opening hole


available finishes


Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month



  • Package
  • 1. Export standard carton
  • 2. Inner packing: Foam.
  • 3. Outer packing: carton box.
  • Shipping
  • 1.for sample 7days after receiving sample charge
  • 2.for order 20-35 days after receiving 30% deposit
  • 3.goods will be tested strictly before shipment